Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Triangle's Auspicious Opening -- October 28, 2015

Moving Picture World, 02-October-1915
"By this time you have heard of the bang with which the initial Triangle plays went over at the Knickerbocker Theater last Thursday."

Moving Picture World, 09-October-1915

Quotes from six New York newspapers.

Moving Picture World, 09-October-1915

The opening program included Douglas Fairbanks' film debut, The Lamb.  "A new star has appeared in the motion picture constellation."

Moving Picture World, 16-October-1915
Newspaper comments on the second week's program.

Moving Picture World, 23-October-1915
Moving Picture World, 30-October-1915


  1. Impressive research as always, Joe!
    I've nominated you for a Liebster award :) - have a look here:
    Apologies if this posts twice, I got an error message just before ...

  2. Thank you, I've always been interested in Triangle and why it didn't work. Thank you for the nomination. I will start work on my answers.


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