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Lloyd Hamilton Was Never Funnier -- January 28, 2024

Motion Picture News, 19-January-1924

Lloyd Hamilton starred in a series of two-reel comedies released by Educational. Many are lost.

Motion Picture News, 26-January-1924

Note the dogs in the top center photo. 

Film Daily, 28-January-1924

Film Daily, 31-January-1924

Some of us will remember that in 1923, Al Jolson signed a contract to star in a movie produced by DW Griffith. Jolson got cold feet and broke the contract. Albert L Grey was DW Griffith's brother, who worked on many of his films. Lloyd Hamilton replaced Jolson in the movie that was made, "His Darker Self." I love Lloyd Hamilton, but the movie is revolting. I will write more about it in the coming months.

Film Daily, 28-January-1924

Film Daily, 09-January-1924

Juvenile Comedies must have been Educational's response to Roach's Our Gang. Jack White produced and Earl Montgomery directed "About Face."

Film Daily, 07-January-1924

Film Daily, 31-January-1924

Educational offered free ad mats for their short subjects. These could be run as stand-alone newspaper ads or inserted into larger ads. Brian Foy directed Harry Tighe, Ned Sparks and Doris Deane in "One Night it Rained."

Motion Picture News, 12-January-1924

Baby Peggy Montgomery had been Century's biggest comedy star. She moved on to starring in features for Universal. 

Motion Picture News, 12-January-1924

Giant Jack Earle starred with Harry McCoy in Century's "Obey the Law." Robert Kerr directed. 

Motion Picture News, 05-January-1924

Fox Sunshine's "The Income Tax Collector" starred Lew Brice as a man hated by everyone. Erle C Kenton directed. Lew was Fanny Brice's brother. 

Motion Picture News, 05-January-1924

Archie Mayo directed Al St John in Fox Sunshine's "Spring Fever."

Film Daily, 10-January-1924

I know precisely nothing about Jazz Comedies, but "jazz" was a very popular word in 1924. 

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