Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Baby Peggy's First is Completed -- August 30, 2023

Motion Picture News, 04-August-1923

Baby Peggy moved on from appearing in short comedies for Century to feature films for Universal.

Motion Picture News, 04-August-1923

Whose Baby Are You? was the first Baby Peggy movie for Universal. King Baggott (whose name I have always liked) directed. 

Motion Picture News, 11-August-1923

Newspapers in twenty cities ran Baby Peggy lookalike contests. 

Vancouver Sun, 28-August-1923

A full page ad for the Vancouver Sun's Baby Peggy contest. Warning: Very large image. 

Motion Picture News, 18-August-1923

Erie Beach, a resort near Buffalo, had a Baby Peggy Day. 

Buffalo Times, 14-August-1923

Want to apply to the "Times Baby Peggy 'Double' Contest"?

Motion Picture News, 11-August-1923

Cameo Comedies offered "Wrecks," starring Cliff Bowes and Virginia Vance. 

Motion Picture News, 25-August-1923

Educational distributed the short films of several producers and stars. "Educational Pictures are proud to offer to exhibitors the splendid one and two-reel pictures outlined on the following pages. They constitute a bigger, better finer program of Short Subjects than we have ever offered before."

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