Thursday, June 15, 2023

Inventor Can Transmit Movies by Wireless -- June 15, 2023

San Francisco Examiner, 16-June-1923

Many inventors were working on mechanical television, which would allow radio waves to carry pictures. C Francis Jenkins was the leading American developer. 

Inventor Can Transmit Movies by Wireless 

Washington, June 15. -- (By Universal Service.) -- The principle by which moving pictures can be transmitted by radio has been successfully worked out by C. Francis Jenkins, Washington inventor, it was revealed today. 

Demonstrations of the apparatus have been conducted with such a degree of success that experts who witnessed them predicted that in the comparatively near future, California, for instance, will be able to see a parade being held in Washington. 

The latest test was held in the presence of officials from the Bureau of Standards and the Navy and Postoffice Departments. They saw, reproduced upon a screen, the wiggling fingers of Professor Jenkins' hand, which was held before a "radio eye" device considerable distance away. 

While the reproduction was not as clear as it might have been, it was considered remarkable in view of the short time Professor Jenkins has been working on the invention. 

Jenkins recently attracted much attention by transmitting a still picture by radio from Philadelphia to Washington.

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