Monday, March 5, 2018

Max Linder Coming Back to Us -- March 5, 2018

Moving Picture World, 23-March-1918
Max Linder was the biggest star in film comedy before Charlie Chaplin. Linder made hundreds of short films for Pathé. A report from the Germans indicated that he had been killed in the Battle of the Aisne. "There is the hope of his many friends that it may be a case of mistaken identity:"

Max later phoned from a hospital to report "that he had been only wounded, was recovering, and expected soon to return to the front."

In 1917, Max came to the US to make movies for Essanay:

The movies were not successful, and Max went back to France:

Max opened a movie theater in Paris, but fought depression.  This article says he was coming back to the US, but he didn't make another movie in the US until 1921.

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