Thursday, May 25, 2017

Linder Ill, Stops Work -- May 25, 2017

Motion Picture World, 05-May-1917

"Hits His Real Stride!" 

Motion Picture World, 05-May-1917
"Typical Linder Stuff in a Comic Picture Full of Laughter." 

Motion Picture World, 12-May-1917
"Max Linder's Masterpiece is 'Max in a Taxi'." 

Motion Picture World, 19-May-1917
"Owing to the illness of Max Linder, the announcement is made by George K Spoor, president of Essanay, that further releases of the famous European comedian's pictures have been indefinitely postponed." 

Motion Picture World, 26-May-1917
"More action than former releases."  I love the photo of Max, who appears to be sitting on the hood of a taxi. 

Motion Picture World, 26-May-1917
"Max Linder Reported Improved."  Despite this, the fourth Essanay production did not happen. 

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