Thursday, March 23, 2017

Patria -- It's Fairly Packed With Style, Thrill, Romance and Intrigue -- March 23, 2017

Moving Picture World, 03-March-1917
The Wharton Brothers produced Patria, a fifteen-chapter serial starring Irene Castle, for William Randolph Hearst.  Warner Oland, who made a career out of playing Asian parts, was a Japanese spy.  Baron Huroki and his spy ring wants to destroy American munitions plants, many of which are owned by Patria Channing, who was played by Irene Castle.  Milton Sills is a Secret Service agent who is after the spy ring.  At one point in the serial, the Japanese ally with Mexico to attack the United States.  While the film was being released, President Woodrow Wilson learned about the themes of the film and asked the producers to change the nationalities of many of the characters.

Irene Castle had become famous, with her husband Vernon, as a ballroom dancer.  He left the act in early 1916 to return to his native Britain, where he joined the Royal Flying Corps.  He was a successful pilot, earning the Croix de Guerre.  He was sent to Canada and then the United States to train new pilots.  He died in a flying accident in 1918.  Here we see two items of her beautiful wardrobe. 

Moving Picture World, 10-March-1917
And more of her wardrobe. 

Moving Picture World, 17-March-1917
And here we have a closeup of Irene Castle in a military uniform. 

Moving Picture World, 24-March-1917
A closeup in civilian garb. 

Moving Picture World, 24-March-1917
Patria was a hit in Portland, Oregon. 

Moving Picture World, 31-March-1917
"...many of them showing a serial for the first time."  Here we see Irene Castle at full length wearing a military uniform.  Notice the gaiters covering the tops of her shoes and her lower legs. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr 150 -- March 21, 2017

Flo Ziegeld, American impresario, was born 150 years ago today, on 21-March-1867. He didn't have much direct involvement with movies, but he had a lot of influence on American entertainment.
The early talkie Glorifying the American Girl was made "Under the Personal Supervision" Flo Ziegfeld.
Ziegfeld was listed as producer of Rio Rita and Whoopee, which were adaptions of big stage musicals that he had produced. 

I remember in the late 1970s or early 1980s when Whoopee got restored and had a big premiere on television. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Circuit Theater, Seattle -- March 19, 2017

Motography, 03-March-1917
"The very unusual and attractive lobby display made by Manager Merwin of the Circuit Theater, Seattle, for his showing of "The Sea Wolf."  Note the bow of Wolf Larsen's ship Ghost. 

Moving Picture News, 01-November-1913
Actor Hobart Bosworth admired Jack London's writing and formed a company to produce movies based on London's stories and novels.  I was surprised to see that a movie released in late 1913 or early 1914 was still getting big play in 1917. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, 2017 -- March 17, 2017

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, everyone.

Actress Olga San Juan, the Puerto Rican Pepperpot, was born in Brooklyn, but her parents had emigrated from Puerto Rico.

Actress Noel Neill died in 2016.  After a career as a movie actress and popular pinup model, she played Lois Lane in two Superman movie serials and in the pioneering television series after the first season.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Ham Comedies -- Nufsed -- March 15, 2017

Moving Picture World, 10-March-2017

In his wonderful book The Silent Clowns, Walter Kerr suggested that Lloyd Hamilton was one of the great silent comics whose reputation has diminished. This is because many of the solo movies Hamilton made for Educational during the 1920s are lost. Perhaps this is also because he was not able to succeed as a star in feature films.

The Ham and Bud comedies, made with Bud Duncan, were rough and ready, but very popular.
Moving Picture World, 10-March-2017
"Our 'HAM' comedies have taken a new lease on life.  For proof we point with price to Mr. Santell's first -- 'Efficiency Experts?'"

Moving Picture World, 10-March-2017
"Those funny fellers -- Ham and Bud, in every day life Lloyd V Hamilton and AE Duncan -- have been induced to affix their signatures to long-term contracts insuring their continued appearance in the 'Ham' comedies released by Kalem." 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Pearl White, The Idol of Multitudes -- March 13, 2017

Moving Picture World, 10-March-1917
Pearl White starred in her seventh Pathé serial, Pearl of the Army, a timely spy story. American was moving closer to declaring war on the German Empire.

I like the automobile in the image at the top.  It must have been hard to work the pedals with those heels.

Moving Picture World, 03-March-1917
 The William Fox Circuit of Theaters was happy with the serial. 

Moving Picture World, 10-March-1917
"With submarines and threatened war the chief topic of the day, Pathe's military-mystery serial, "Pearl of the Army," is drawing to a successful and especially interesting close..."

Moving Picture World, 17-March-1917
That's a nice photo of Pearl. 

Moving Picture World, 31-March-1917
I don't like this photo as much. 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

"Play Ball" in Mutual Weekly -- March 11, 2017

Moving Picture World, 24-March-1917

Here we see the Chicago Cubs taking Spring Training in Pasadena, California.  The players in the photo are pitchers Phil Douglas, Claude Hendrix and Hippo Vaughn. 

On 02-May-1917, in Chicago, Vaughn and the Cincinnati Reds' Fred Toney each gave up no hits for nine innings.  In the tenth, the Reds scored on a hit by Jim Thorpe.  Vaughn lost the game.