Thursday, December 21, 2017

They Simply Go Wild Over Him -- December 21, 2017

Moving Picture World, 01-December-1917
Harold Lloyd had been successfully appearing in the Lonesome Luke comedies for Hal Roach's Rolin since 1915.  He felt dissatisfied with the unrealistic Luke, who had started as an imitation of Charley Chaplin, and looked for a new character.  Lloyd came up with what he called the "Glass Character."  This ad mentions Lonesome Luke, but by December, he had moved on from producing Lonesome Lukes and was only appearing as the character we know and love.

Moving Picture World, 22-December-1917
"Love, Laughs and Lather" was a Lonesome Luke film, but the photo shows Harold as the Glass Character.

Moving Picture World, 08-December-1917
Meanwhile, Hal Roach was looking for new stars.  He found the famous circus clown Toto, who was a Swiss man named Alfonso Novello. Toto came to the US during the war and was very successful in vaudeville.  He was less successful in the movies.

Moving Picture World, 22-December-1917
Moving Picture World, 29-December-1917
"Toto is ... the greatest attraction for children and grown-up children at the New York Hippodrome."

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