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Hoot Gibson -- The Fastest, Funniest, Most Entertaining Picture This Popular Star has Ever Produced -- March 14, 2024

Film Daily, 31-March-1924

Hoot Gibson looked like a funny guy. Eddie Sedgwick directed the beautifully titled 40 Horse Hawkins

Motion Picture News, 15-March-1924

Director Eddie Sedgwick also acted in 40 Horse Hawkins. It had been ten years since he gave up acting for directing.

Motion Picture News, 29-March-1924

I like how Broadway or Bust, Hoot's next movie, is described as a comedy rather than a western.

Motion Picture News, 08-March-1924

Dig that hat in the top center photo. 

Motion Picture News, 22-March-1924

Jack Hoxie was a real cowboy and rodeo performer who became a big star in the early 1920s. The Phanton Horseman was directed by Bob Bradbury. 

Motion Picture News, 01-March-1924

The Man from Wyoming was also directed by Bob Bradbury. 

Motion Picture News, 29-March-1924

Ridgeway of Montana was directed by Cliff Smith. The Back Trail was shot at Lone Pine. It was directed by George Marshall and Cliff Smith. 

Film Daily, 21-March-1924

Lester Cuneo had worked with Tom Mix at the Selig Polyscope Company and then served in the army during World War One. Unable to deal with the death of his wife, Cuneo died by his own hand in 1925. W Adcock directed Western Grit

Film Daily, 20-March-1924

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