Tuesday, September 27, 2022

London's "Fish Patrol" to Be Pictured -- September 27, 2022

Motion Picture News, 02-September-1922

In 1906, Jack London published a short story collection called Tales of the Fish Patrol. After his time as an oyster pirate, a maritime poacher, he joined the California Fish Patrol to fight the oyster pirates. In 1922, Universal began producing a series of two-reelers based on the stories. Jack Mulhall played the main character. 

Motion Picture News, 02-September-1922

Edward A Kull directed. The eight movies were to be released one every two weeks. 

The little item for Laugh-O-Grams is an ad for Walt Disney's animation studio in Kansas City, Missouri.

Moving Picture World, 16-September-1922

The Mohican's Daughter, a feature, was based on Jack London's short story "The Story of Jees Uck." If I read it, I don't remember it.

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