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Sherlock Holmes -- America's Foremost Actor Now Appears in the Most Famous Fiction Role of all Time -- October 22, 2022

Moving Picture World, 07-October-1922

I like the lettering and colors on this magazine cover ad for the Goldwyn Company's Sherlock Holmes, starring John Barrymore.

Motion Picture News, 28-October-1922

I like this profile view of Barrymore as Holmes. It reminds me of Sidney Paget's drawing for Holmes stories in The Strand Magazine

Motion Picture News, 21-October-1922

"Every Exhibitor Who Has Seen This Picture is Strong for It!"

Motion Picture News, 14-October-1922

The Goldwyn company was determined to block other movies that might be advertised as Sherlock Holmes or Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. "A motion for temporary injunction has been filed in the Supreme Court by William Gillette, Charles Frohman, Inc. (Frohman himself had died on the Titanic in 1912.), and Aleet Enterprises, Inc., restraining the Stoll Film Co., Ltd., and the Education (Educational? JT) Film Exchanges, Inc., from using the title "Sherlock Holmes" or "Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" in connection with any motion picture."

Motion Picture News, 14-October-1922

Motion Picture News, 14-October-1922

"The Priory School" and "The Solitary Cyclist" were two episodes in the series of short Holmes films produced by Stoll and starring Eille Norwood. Educational released this series as The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

Motion Picture News, 07-October-1922

After the first season of popular shorts, Stoll produced The Hound of the Baskervilles as a feature. I like the picture of the Hound.

Motion Picture News, 21-October-1922

"Because all the world read the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stories...?

Albuquerque Evening Herald, 07-October-1922

I haven't mentioned the many funny movies inspired by Sherlock Holmes and his name. Bert Lytell played other detectives including Michael Lanyard in The Lone Wolf and Boston Blackie.

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