Saturday, October 8, 2022

Bill Hart of Movie Fame Fights Death -- October 8, 2022

Ogden Standard-Examiner, 08-October-1922

William S Hart, cowboy star, was later diagnosed with typhoid fever. He survived. 


International News Service
LOS ANGELES, Oct. 7. -- William S. Hart, notorious "two-gun man" of the silver screen, is reported tonight fighting a desperate battle with death in his home in Hollywood. He was stricken five days ago, with a mysterious malady which doctors in attendance on him cannot diagnose, and late tonight relapsed into a coma.

The physicians, after a long consultation tonight, said that they could not determine the malady which threatens the life of the noted actor. They believe it might be typhoid fever, they said, but are not certain.

The first symptom of Hart's illness came Monday when he complained of a cold. He took to bed at his doctor's orders, but gradually grew worse until he relapsed tonight into unconsciousness. In his delirium he struggled with the doctors and nurses in attendance on him and it took their combined efforts to restrain him.

Miss Mary Hart, his sister, is in constant attendance upon him. Mrs. Winifred Westover Hart, his wife, has not visited him. The couple became estranged several weeks ago, shortly before their son was born.

Casper Daily Tribune, 09-October-1922

Hart Improving
From Typhoid

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 7. --
Continued improvement was announced in the condition of William S. ("Bill") Hart, film star, who has been critically ill of typhoid fever and complications. Hart's strong constitution and remarkable vitality have played an important role in his fight against death, and unless new complications develop there is little further danger. Dr. Leon J. Roth, who is attending Hart, announced today.

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