Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Harold Lloyd -- All Grandmas Will be Admitted Free Monday Afternoon -- October 5, 2022

Chicasha Daily Express, 06-October-1922

I got to watch Harold Lloyd's first full-length feature Grandma's Boy on TCM on National Silent Movie Day. It was the first time in years.

The Rialto Theater in Chicasha (no "w") Oklahoma ran this detailed ad 100 years ago this month. "Some Boy! Some Joy!" "A Laughing Joy -- 'Grandma's Boy.'"

Motion Picture News, 07-October-1922

Grandma's Boy had run for 19 weeks at the Symphony Theater in Los Angeles. This was remarkable for 1922. "The Greatest, By Proof of Actual Performance." 

Motion Picture News, 14-October-1922

Week 19 proved to be the last week of the run at the Symphony Theater in Los Angeles.

Instead of a live action prologue, the Howard Theater in Atlanta had the young boys who served as ushers wear glasses. Audiences like the idea. 

Moving Picture World, 07-October-1922

While Grandma's Boy was still doing land office business, his second full-length feature, Doctor Jack, made under a new distribution contract with Pathé. Pathé said the film would be released before the end of the year. 

Motion Picture News, 21-October-1922

At the same time, Harold was wrapping up the shooting of his third full-length feature, Safety Last.

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