Sunday, October 2, 2022

Larry Semon -- Ridolini -- October 2, 2022

Selma Times-Journal, 08-October-1922

"When Larry Semon and his leading woman, Lucille Carlisle, get busy on a golf links there is more fun to the foot than most comedies contain in two reels." 

Selma Times-Journal, 08-October-1922

The big guy with the moustache may be Oliver Hardy. Note that the text in this caption is the same as that in the ad above, except that here they spelled "Lucille" correctly. Both items appeared on the same page.

Great Falls Tribune, 01-October-1922

During a festival in Milan, the people voted Larry Semon as their favorite comedian. The Italians called him "Ridolini." I have read reports that his movies are still shown on Italian television.

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