Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Buster Keaton -- Neither of Them Has Ever Smiled -- October 18, 2022

Photoplay, October, 1922

Journalist Adela Rogers St Johns interviewed Buster Keaton's son Joseph, who must have been three or four months old. He didn't have much to say.

Moving Picture World, 07-October-1922

The Liberty Theater (Note the "L" and "T" on either side of the arch) in Astoria Oregon advertised "The Boat" with a moving display. 

Moving Picture World, 07-October-1922

In "The Frozen North," Buster parodied western star William S Hart. Hart was not amused. 

Motion Picture News, 19-March-1921

In 1921, Hart had made O'Malley of the Mounted, a movie about the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Photoplay, October, 1922

First National was happy with the results of releasing Buster's second season of comedy short films.

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