Sunday, October 16, 2022

Charles Chaplin et Le Gosse -- October 16, 2022

Moscow, Idaho Daily Star-Mirror, 24-October-1922

I like the design of this ad for Charlie Chaplin's short comedy "Pay Day."

Cinéa, October, 1922

Meanwhile, Chaplin's first self-directed feature, The Kid, was soon to be released in Europe.

New York Tribune, 15-October-1922

The Pathéscope offered movies for home or school use printed on 28mm safety film, which would not burn or explode like standard nitrate stock. Chaplin films, perhaps Keystones or Essanays, were available.

New York World

I had three thoughts when I saw this ad for the October, 1922 Ladies' Home Journal:
1. I should look for the article.
2. That is an ugly drawing of Chaplin.
3. Wow -- The LHJ actually published their October, 1922 issue in October, 1922.

New York World, 05-October-1922

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