Friday, October 8, 2021

In Old Chicago -- October 8, 2021

150 years ago today, on 08-October-1871, a fire broke out in Chicago. It burned for three days and killed at least 300 people. Mrs O'Leary's cow did not start it. However, in 1938, 20th Century-Fox released a big musical, In Old Chicago. Alice Faye, Fox's biggest star, played the lead. Tyrone Power Jr played a gambler who was the son of Mrs O'Leary. Don Ameche played another son of Mrs O'Leary. Alice Brady played Mrs O'Leary. The cow was unbilled.

In this story, Mrs O'Leary left a lantern in the barn and her cow kicked it over and started the fire that raged for three days and destroyed most of Chicago. The fire did start in O'Leary's barn, but the cause is unknown.

The special effects were good. I don't remember the songs.

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