Monday, October 11, 2021

Harry Carey: The First Western Super-Production Ever Screened -- October 11, 2021

Seattle Star, 28-October-1921

I have decided that Harry Carey, a pioneering western star, deserves his own series of posts, separate from the posts about William S Hart. I like the image above.

Moving Picture World, 29-October-1921

The Fox was Harry Carey's first Universal-Jewel production. Jewels were prestigious productions with higher budgets and longer running times than other Universal features. We can see the huge crowd of horsemen in this ad.

Moving Picture World, 01-October-1921

"Carey's First Big Feature."

Moving Picture World, 22-October-1921

Seattle Star, 28-October-1921

"In the most stupendous Western ever made."

Exhibitors Herald, 01-October-1921

Harry Carey and his wife Olive kiss under the watchful eye of censors.

Exhibitors Herald, 08-October-1921

Brute Island was a rerelease of a 1914 feature, McVeagh of the South Seas, which Harry Carey wrote, directed and starred in.

Moving Picture Weekly, 11-September-1921

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