Saturday, October 23, 2021

Buster Keaton -- Don't Let Anyone Make a Monkey Out of You! -- October 23, 2021

Moving Picture World, 01-October-1921

First National was fond of this image of Buster Keaton in makeup for "The Playhouse." We saw it last month and here it twice this month. "Don't Let Anyone Make a Monkey Out of You!"

Exhibitors Herald, 08-October-1921

"There's a Lot of Monkey Business!"

Moving Picture World, 22-October-1921

"It's a Great Life and a Gay One!" The meanings of some words change over time.

Exhibitors Herald, 08-October-1921

Buster played other roles besides the monkey in "The Playhouse."

Meanwhile, Buster had finished the third film in the second series, and it was one of his best, "The Boat."

Bemidji Daily Pioneer, 07-October-1921

"The Scarecrow" was part of the first series of Buster Keaton Comedies. 

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