Tuesday, October 5, 2021

"'Fatty' Arbuckle No Longer Star of Famous Players Organization" -- October 5, 2021

Moving Picture World, 01-October-1921

"Enclosed in the Following Space Is Our Idea What Should Be Said by Everybody in the Moving Picture Business About the Arbuckle Case from Now Forth Until the Entire Matter is Settled." 

100 years ago last month, on 05-September-1921, actor Roscoe Arbuckle and some of his friends had a Labor Day party at San Francisco's Saint Francis Hotel. Guest Virginia Rappe, an actress, became sick and had to be hospitalized. On 09-September-1921, she died because of a ruptured bladder which became infected. Stories began to circulate that Arbuckle had assaulted Rappe. Tried for manslaughter three times, he was acquitted. Virginia Rappe was 26 when she died. Arbuckle's career was ruined. The newspapers sold a lot of copies. Many people who tried to defend Arbuckle said some nasty and unfounded things about Virginia Rappe.

Exhibitors Herald, 08-October-1921

A group of cowboys in Thermopolis, TX showed their disapproval of Roscoe by shooting up the local theater and setting the film on fire out in the street.

Exhibitors Herald, 01-October-1921

Exhibitors were opposed to showing films with Roscoe Arbuckle of Virginia Rappe. 

Exhibitors Herald, 08-October-1921

Exhibitors were urged to book other Famous Players-Lasky (Paramount) films to replace the cancelled Arbuckle films. 

Exhibitors Herald, 22-October-1921

Famous Players proclaimed that Roscoe was no longer one of their stars. He was not contracted to Paramount, but worked under a personal contract with Joe Schenk. "The public out here has about absolved him from anything but being the intended 'fall guy' for a 'shake down.'" No one told the cowboys. 

Albuquerque Morning Journal, 02-October-1921

Roscoe's estranged wife, Minta Durfee, came from New York to show her support. She brought along her mother. 

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