Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Chaplin's Double Role Doubles the Laughs -- October 26, 2021

Arizona Republican, 09-October-1921

Chaplin's dual role in "The Idle Class" drew a lot of attention in the press.

Moving Picture World, 15-October-1921

First National featured the dual role in its advertising. 

Moving Picture World, 08-October-1921

"It is clean, ingenious, bland and irresistable." Interesting use of "bland."

Moving Picture World, 15-October-1921

Selig-Rork managed to work "The Idle Class" into its own ad.

Moving Picture World, 15-October-1921

A cop prepares to interrupt Charlie's dream.

Exhibitors Herald, 22-October-1921

Charlie Chaplin visited director Wallace Worsley and actor Elliot Dexter on the set of the movie Grand Larceny.

Great Falls Tribune, 11-February-1922

The Rollo Sales Corporation purchased Lone Star, the company that had produced Chaplin's Mutual comedies. Lone Star hired famous editor and writer Ralph Spence to create new movies from the miles of outtakes. Chaplin sued and obtained an injunction.

New York Herald, 02-October-1921

The judge was prepared to see two movies, one edited by Chaplin and one by Spence to help him decide the merits of the case. 

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