Saturday, June 3, 2023

You'll Never Forget Mrs Wallace Reid in Human Wreckage -- June 3, 2023

Motion Picture News, 09-June-1923

Dorothy Davenport, who had been a successful actress under her own name, was usually billed as Mrs Wallace Reid after the premature death of her husband on 18-January-1923. He had been addicted to opiates.

Motion Picture News, 16-June-1923

Later in the same year, Dorothy co-directed and starred in an anti-drug movie, Human Wreckage.

Motion Picture News, 23-June-1923

"Mrs Wallace Reid took San Francisco by storm."

Motion Picture News, 29-June-1923

"Human Wreckage is the most important motion picture ever made."

"WE ARE SORRY! The Century Was Unable to Accommodate the Throngs That Came to Witness This Sensation."

San Francisco Chronicle, 08-October-1923

I saw many movies at the Coliseum in San Francisco's Richmond District. 

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