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Larry Semon -- The Midnight Cabaret -- June 1, 2023

Caldwell Tribune, 23-June-1923

Larry Semon was very big 100 years ago this month.

"The Midnight Cabaret" was "a real Broadway girl show transferred to the screen." The Huree Theater was in Caldwell, Idaho. 

Motion Picture News, 09-June-1923

After his long association with Vitagraph, which had been strained by Larry's excessive spending, he signed a million-dollar-a-year contract with Truart. The contract seems to have called for six feature films in that time. 

Motion Picture News, 09-June-1923

"No more two-reelers and slapsticks, but five reel comedy dramas." Larry wanted to follow the same path as Chaplin, Keaton and Lloyd. 

Film Daily, 06-June-1923

Vitagraph wanted to make it clear that Larry still owed them four comedies for the 1923-1924 season. 

Motion Picture News, 02-June-1923

Larry's last film for the 1922-1923 season, "The Midnight Cabaret," was ready to ship to theaters.

Motion Picture News, 16-June-1923

Some readers had the impression that Larry had already left Vitagraph. Vitagraph pointed out that He had already started work on the first of the 1923-1924 short films. 

Imperial Valley Press, 13-June-1921

Larry denied that he "was engaged or married to beautiful Colletta Ryan, star of the 'Passing Show.'"

Indianapolis Times, 11-June-1923

On the other hand, Colletta Ryan wished Harry would propose. 

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