Thursday, June 8, 2023

Tom Mix -- Western Girls De Looks -- June 8, 2023

Motion Picture News, 30-June-1923

In the 1923-1924 season, the Fox Film Corporation celebrated "20 Years of Progress." John Ford directed Tom Mix in North of Hudson Bay. Dig that sweater. 

Motion Picture News, 30-June-1923

Soft Boiled looks unique; it may still survive. The leading lady was Billie Dove. John G Blystone directed.

Motion Picture News, 09-June-1923

Fox advertised a busy summer of films starring Tom Mix, Buck Jones and many others.

Motion Picture News, 23-June-1923

Tom Mix was working on an adaptation of Zane Grey's The Lone Star Ranger. A couple of years back, during Zane Grey Week, we saw that Tom Mix starred in adaptations of several Zane Grey novels:

Motion Picture News, 16-June-1923

Lambert Hillyer directed and Billie Dove was Tom's co-star.

Bismarck Tribune, 28-June-1923

"TOM MIX Says 'Catch My Smoke.'"

Motion Picture News, 30-June-1923

Motion Picture News, 02-June-1923

Meanwhile Paramount was also releasing a story based on a Zane Grey novel, To The Last Man. Richard Dix and Lois Wilson starred. Victor Fleming directed. 

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