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The Greatest Negro Photoplay of All Times -- June 21, 2023

New York Daily News, 24-June-1948

Oscar Micheaux was a pioneer in producing what were known as race films. 75 years ago this month, his last film, The Betrayal, premiered at a Broadway theater, the Mansfield. This was a first for any race film. The movie is probably lost.

New York Age, 26-June-1923

The Betrayal, based on Micheaux's novel The Wind From Nowhere, was his first film in eight years.

Oklahoma City Black Dispatch, 19-June-1948

This item, with a photo of Micheaux, appeared in several African-American owned newspapers.

Saint Louis Argus, 15-June-1923

Meanwhile, back in 1923, The Crimson Skull, a western/mystery race film, produced by the Norman Film Company was promoted by an ad with a photo of leading lady Anita Bush. Lawrence Chennault was the leading man and the film also featured real-life cowboy Bill Pickett. The film is probably lost. I hate to keep writing that. 

Retina is an interesting name for a theater. A skydome, also referred to as an airdome, was an outdoor movie theater. These were popular during hot seasons.

>Saint Louis Argus, 15-June-1923

"The picture contains the Thrills! Action! Punch! of a 32 reel serial boiled down to 6 smashing reels of Big Fights, Fast Action, Thrilling Love Scenes and an intriguing, baffling mystery which is not solved until the last reel."

Colorado Statesman, 09-June-1923

The Southern Film Company of Chicago said that it had signed Noble Sissle, who, with his partner Eubie Blake, composed the music and wrote the lyrics for Shuffle Along, a wildly popular review. I can't find any trace of this movie, so I suspect it may not have happened.

Charlotte Observer, 15-June-1923

I wonder if this article about the Southland Film Company was actually about the Southern Film Company. 

Raleigh News and Observer, 15-June-1923

Winston-Salem Journal, 16-June-1923

The R.J. Reynolds Realty Company was going to build a "New Colored Theater" in Raleigh.

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