Wednesday, August 3, 2022

The Superlative Star Harold Lloyd -- August 3, 2022

Moving Picture World, 26-August-1922

"Harold Lloyd is the only star in the world who has played in one picture in one theater for thirteen consecutive weeks, with the run still unfinished. At this writing he is on his thirteenth week at the Symphony, Los Angeles." His first full-length feature, Grandmas's Boy, was setting box office records. Pathé advertised that Lloyd had signed a contract to make six features in the next year. He didn't make quite that many.

Moving Picture World, 26-August-1922

"'Grandma's Boy' Is Smashing Records."

Moving Picture World, 26-August-1922

"325,000 Saw It Up to August 10th."

Moving Picture World, 19-August-1922

Lyrics to a Grandmas's Boy song were co-written by Jean Havez, Harold's frequent collaborator.

Moving Picture World, 26-August-1922

Harold Lloyd's second full-length feature was Doctor Jack.. 

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