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Supreme Pathé Serials -- August 29, 2022

Moving Picture World, 26-August-1922

Pathé boasted that in the coming year they would have four serials starring three of the biggest stars in that genre, Ruth Roland, Charles Hutchison and Pearl White. Pearl White was returning to serials after a hiatus.

Motion Picture News, 19-August-1922

Ruth Roland, who was born in San Francisco, was one of the great Serial Queens. Note in this trade ad for The Timber Queen that Ruth Roland, on a horse, is saving a man, who may have been Bruce Gordon. Fred Jackman directed.

Moving Picture World, 19-August-1922

The exhibitors seemed to like it.

Moving Picture World, 26-August-1922

Ruth Roland's next serial would be The Riddle of the Range

Moving Picture World, 26-August-1922

Charles Hutchison wrote, directed, acted and performed stunts in many Pathé serials (Pathéserials). He was best known for motorcycle stunts, but S P E E D also had trains and airplanes. 

Moving Picture World, 26-August-1922

Other studios produced serials. Elinor Field played the Jungle Goddess in Selig's serial of the same name. "Col. Wm. N. Selig's greatest 15 episode serial."

Motion Picture News, 19-August-1922

Universal jumped on the latest American fad and produced a serial called The Radio King. Roy Stewart and Louise Lorraine starred. Robert F. Hill directed.

Motion Picture News, 12-August-1922

Art Acord was a cowboy star who appeared in many silent films but did not make the transition to talkies. In the Days of Buffalo Bill was "A spectacular chronicle of events and adventures in the of America's greatest scout." Duke Lee played the great scout. It was directed by Edward Laemmle, one of Uncle Carl's many nephews. It was a big Universal production.

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