Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Our Gang Comedies -- August 23, 2022

Moving Picture World, 26-August-1922

"Here is the most distinct, novel and genuinely humorous comedy innovation of a decade." In 1922, Hal Roach introduced the two-reel Our Gang comedies, starring a group of kids. Robert McGowan directed most of them. 

"Harold Lloyd has never appeared in a poor or just fair comedy." Roach also reissued Harold Lloyd's older one-reel movies.

Moving Picture World, 26-August-1922

"They Feature Kids and Animals." Paul Parrot was Charley Chase's brother.

Moving Picture World, 19-August-1922

Harold Lloyd's former supporting player Snub Pollard was "Now Starred by Hal Roach in Two-Reel Comedies for Pathé." When I first grew a mustache, I tried to make it look like Snub's. 

Motion Picture News, 05-August-1922

Snub's supporting cast included leading lady Marie Mosqini and Ernest "Sunshine Sammy" Morrison. 

Moving Picture World, 26-August-1922

I love seeing the way language changes over the years. Snub Pollard's "success has demanded a more pretentious product." 

Moving Picture World, 05-August-1922

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