Monday, May 23, 2022

Wonder Theater of the World -- May 23, 2022

Dallas Express, 27-May-1922

I greatly admire John Harris, owner and manager of the Grand Central Theater in Dallas, who had a policy of showing race films. I have never heard of For His Mother's Sake, which starred ex-heavyweight champion Jack Johnson. Oscar Micheaux wrote, directed and produced The Dungeon in 1922. My Baby was produced in Dallas by the Benroy Motion Picture Corporation. So far, I have found nothing about the movie or its stars William Lee and Annie Valley. The co-feature was a mainstream western starring Frank Mayo.

Dallas Express, 06-May-1922

The Benroy Motion Picture Corporation of Dallas was looking for investors.

Dallas Express, 06-May-1922

The Benroy Motion Picture Corporation of Dallas also opened a free dramatic arts school to look for new talent. 

Kansas City Kansan, 14-May-1922

A group of students at Western University in Kansas City, Kansas, an HBCU (Historically Black College or University) were watching The Lure of a Woman, produced by the Afro-American Film Exhibitors Company, when the film in the projection booth caught fire. No one was killed or injured. Western University closed its doors in 1942.

Washington Evening Star, 14-May-1922

The Burden of Race was a made by Reol Productions in 1921.

Moving Picture World, 20-May-1922

On the other hand, I was happy to see that Kansas banned a KKK recruiting film. 

Moving Picture World, 27-May-1922

And then there is this odd situation. Noble Johnson, one of the founders of the Lincoln Motion Picture Company, is listed as the producer. He is also credited with writing the movie. But this is a non-race film.

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