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Nanook of the North -- May 25, 2022

Moving Picture World, 13-May-1922

In 1922, Robert Flaherty released Nanook of the North, a film that he produced, wrote and directed. The film would be considered a docudrama today because many of the scenes were staged or reenacted. Aside from wartime propaganda films, it may have been the first feature-length documentary.

The movie featured the Inuit Allakariallak, nicknamed Nanook, and his wives, Nyla and Cunayou. The family wore European clothes and Allakariallak hunted with a rifle, but for the movie they made and wore traditional clothing and Allakariallak hunted with traditional weapons. The movie became popular. People today argue with the way the Inuit are depicted.

Moving Picture World, 06-May-1922

Moving Picture World, 27-May-1922

Moving Picture World, 27-May-1922

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