Saturday, May 14, 2022

Hoot Gibson To Do New Western If He Doesn't Break Neck -- May 14, 2022

Richmond Palladium and Sun-Telegram, 06-May-1922

Buck Jones was Fox's number two western star, after Tom Mix. Here he gets billed after Harold Lloyd, who was appearing in a rerelease of a 1918 short comedy.

Austin American Statesman, 07-May-1922

Moving Picture Weekly, 13-May-1922

Hoot Gibson always added some comedy to his westerns.

Moving Picture Weekly, 20-May-1922

Sounds about right for old Hoot. 

Moving Picture Weekly, 27-May-1922

Moving Picture World, 13-May-1922

Guinn "Big Boy" Williams was a tall, muscular guy who had worked as a cowboy and played professional baseball. Will Rogers helped to get him into the movies and gave him the nickname. Big Boy had been an Army officer during World War One. He remained active during the talkie era.

Moving Picture Weekly, 06-May-1922

Tom Santschi and Art Acord each made a series of two-reel westerns for Universal.

Moving Picture World, 27-May-1922

James B (JB) Warner appeared in five-reel westerns. Some sources say he was HB Warner's brother, but he was not. JB Warner died in 1924.

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