Saturday, May 28, 2022

The Serial Tremendous -- May 28, 2022

Moving Picture Weekly, 27-May-1922

William Desmond prepares to clout a hungry wolf. Perils of the Yukon is touted as "The First Alaskan Chapter-Play Ever Made." Perhaps chapter-play sounded classier than serial.

Film Daily, 06-May-1922

Universal jumped on the latest American fad and produced a serial called The Radio King. If I read the Morse Code correctly, it says "BEWARE. I AM THE VOICE IN THE AIR." in both ads. I added the punctuation.

Film Daily, 09-May-1922

Moving Picture Weekly, 13-May-1922

Universal established its own radio station. This item also says that William Desmond was injured while making Perils of the Yukon.

Moving Picture Weekly, 27-May-1922

This ad lists all of Universal's chapter-plays that were presently in release, including two with Eddie Polo.

Film Daily, 13-May-1922

Colonel William Selig was using the residents of the Selig Zoo in The Jungle Goddess

Moving Picture World, 06-May-1922

Eddie Polo, who had gone independent was releasing Cap'n Kidd on a States Rights basis. 

Moving Picture World, 06-May-1922

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