Friday, May 20, 2022

Every Show is a Good Show When Buster Heads the Bill -- May 20, 2022

Moving Picture World, 13-May-1922

This First National trade ad says that "Newspapers all review Keaton comedies ahead of the feature. Live exhibitors are featuring Keaton. Why? The public wants it. Take the tip!" The ad is illustrated with an image from "The Boat."

Motion Picture News, 27-May-1922

"Buster Keaton in 2 reel comedies that always play as features."

Moving Picture World, 13-May-1922

Hillsboro, Ohio's Forum Theater used this mish mosh to advertise Jane Novak in The Rosary and Buster in "The Paleface." 

Moving Picture World, 20-May-1922

A boyhood photograph of Buster smiling. 

Moving Picture World, 27-May-1922

Buster was injured several times on the set of "The Electric House." The first time they tried to film the story in 1920, Buster broke his ankle on the escalator. He gave up and started over, scrapping the footage from 1920. 

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