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They Went Wild Over Baby Peggy -- March 27, 2022

Moving Picture Weekly, 11-March-1922

Baby Peggy had grown to become Century's biggest comedy star, even surpassing her old comrade Brownie the Century Wonder Dog. This ad touts her role in a feature film, an adaption of Booth Tarkington's book Penrod. Wesley Barry played Penrod and Baby Peggy, billed as Peggy Jane, played Peggy Rensdale.

Motion Picture News, 21-January-1922

Baby Peggy and Wesley "Freckles" Barry in the feature film Penrod, directed by Mickey Neilan.

Exhibitors Herald, 25-March-1922

"Century Comedies Rock the Earth With Laughter." Century Comedies' four series starred Lee Moran, Harry Sweet, Baby Peggy and Brownie the Century Wonder-Dog.

Moving Picture World, 04-March-1922

Century President Julius Stern, Carl Laemmle's brother-in-law, returned from a trip to the East to find everyone hard at work under the supervision of his brother, Abe Stern.

Moving Picture World, 04-March-1922

Meanwhile Moran's erstwhile parter Eddie Lyons was making comedies for Arrow.

Moving Picture World, 25-March-1922

This ad for Educational Pictures Week featured a list of 43 Christie Comedies and a large photo of producer Al Christie.

Moving Picture World, 25-March-1922

"All Christie Comedies Available" for Educational Pictures Week.

Moving Picture World, 25-March-1922

Neal Burns was one of Christie's comic leading men.

Moving Picture World, 25-March-1922

Bobby Vernon started as a juvenile comedian at Keystone, where he starred in several popular comedies with Gloria Swanson. "The dog's name is Blanco because there is a blank space where his brains ought to be. That is harsh.

Exhibitors Herald, 04-March-1922

Al Christie had a company up in the Sierras, in Truckee. They reported that several film crews were at work in the area. 

Moving Picture World, 04-March-1922

Educational, which specialized in short subjects, released several series of comedies: "Lloyd Hamilton in Mermaid Comedies," "Bobby Vernon in Christie Comedies," "Johnny Hines in Torchy Comedies," and "Neal Burns in Christie Comedies." This ad also mentions "The Battle of Jutland" and a new series of "Wilderness Tales."

Lloyd Hamilton, who had been the Ham of Ham and Bud, starred in a series of Mermaid Comedies distributed by Educational Comedies. Most of them were destroyed in a vault fire.

Exhibitors Herald, 04-March-1922

Exhibitors Herald, 04-March-1922

Exhibitors Herald, 11-March-1922

Exhibitors Herald, 18-March-1922

Harry Cohn, his brother Jack and Joe Brandt provided the initials for C.B.C. Film Sales Corp. The Hallroom Boys Comedies were a long running series of short comedies, based on a comic strip by Harold MacGill.

Moving Picture World, 18-March-1922

Mario Bianchi was born in Cesena in Italy's Emilia-Romagna region. He emigrated to the US in 1914. He adopted the name Monty Banks and appeared in many short comedies. He later appeared in features known for daring stunt work.

Moving Picture World, 25-March-1922

Uncle Dan Mason, who played the Skipper in a series of short comedies based on Fontaine Fox's comic panel The Toonerville Trolley That Meets All the Trains, met Sunny Jim Rolph, the mayor of San Francisco. Some of the movies were shot down the Peninsula in San Mateo.

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