Wednesday, March 30, 2022

The Only Up-To-Date Colored Theater in Annapolis -- March 30, 2022

Evening Capital and Maryland Gazette, 21-March-1922

Oscar Micheaux was a pioneer in producing what were known as race films. 100 years ago this month, his film The Symbol of the Unconquered was playing at the Star Theater in Annapolis, Maryland.

Richmond Planet, 04-March-1922

Major WBF Crowell, Roanoke representative of the Micheaux Corporation, left for New York to appear in and co-direct a new project called The Dungeon. I can't find the Major's name anywhere in the credits and the movie is assumed to be lost.

Wichita Beacon, 17-March-1922

We have seen a reference to the Afro-American Film Exhibitors Company's production Lure of a Woman. I do not know if they produced another film.

Moving Picture World, 18-March-1922

Meanwhile a group of investors in New Orleans planned to produce "features of five-foot length intended to be shown in colored theaters." I suspect they meant five-reeel.

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