Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Every Day Will Be Pay Day When You Play Charlie Chaplin -- March 22, 2022

Moving Picture World, 18-March-1922

Chaplin was pushing to fulfill his First National contract so he could begin producing for United Artists. I like this image from "Pay Day," which would prove to be Chaplin's last two reel film.

Great Falls Tribune, 18-March-1922

The image in this ad must have been based on the photo in the previous ad for "Pay Day."

Moving Picture World, 11-March-1922

Exhibitors Herald, 18-March-1922

First National advertised "Pay Day" on the cover of The Exhibitor's Herald

New Ulm Review, 22-March-1922

Chaplin's previous short film, "The Idle Class," was still in release. 

Moving Picture World, 04-March-1922

A theater owner in Nova Scotia assembled this curious vehicle to advertise a showing of "The Idle Class."

Exhibitors Herald, 25-March-1922

Chaplin did not object when Billy West imitated him, but he sued an actor named Charles Amador, who used the name Charlie Aplin and made movies that closely imitated Chaplin's. 

Moving Picture World, 25-March-1922

Billy West had already given up his Chaplin imitation and was making comedies using his own character. 

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