Saturday, March 12, 2022

Harry Carey -- Packs the Punch You Need -- March 12, 2022

Moving Picture Weekly, 18-March-1922

I like this drawing of Harry Carey. I wish I could make out the artist's name. Moving Picture Weekly was a Universal publication for distributors and theater owners. 

Moving Picture Weekly, 11-March-1922

Man to Man, directed by Stuart Paton looks like a fun movie, but it may be lost. 

Moving Picture Weekly, 18-March-1922

Man to Man was based on a novel by Jackson Gregory. I had never heard of him, but apparently he lived in Northern California and wrote a slew of fiction, mostly westerns. 

Moving Picture Weekly, 04-March-1922

Carey's previous film, The Fox, was a success. 

Moving Picture World, 25-March-1922

After The Fox (wasn't that a Peter Sellers movie?) there was a bidding war for Carey's services. Robertson-Cole was an independent production company that later became FBO (Film Booking Office).  FBO later became part of RKO-Radio. (Radio-Keith-Orpheum).

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