Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Harold Lloyd -- He'll Tie You Into a Sailor Knot of Laughter -- March 9, 2022

Great Falls Tribune, 25-March-1922

Some people consider the four reel "A Sailor Made Man" to be Harold Lloyd's last short, while others call it his first feature.

The Pullman Herald, 10-March-1922
The Pullman Herald, 10-March-1922

"A Superdrednaught (sic - JT) of Joy With No Limitations on Laughter." This refers to the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922, which set strict limits on the size of new capital ships.

Washington Evening Star, 17-March-1922

I like this image of Harold Lloyd. "Never Weaken" was Lloyd's first thrill picture. 

Evening Capital and Maryland Gazette, 22-March-1922

Pueblo Chieftan, 19-March-1922

"The Tip" was a 1918 Lonesome Luke film. 

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