Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sweetgrass Theater -- June 27, 2017

Moving Picture World, 30-June-1917
"Operators who kick about the size, or lack of it, in their operating rooms, will do well to examine the Sweetgrass Variety. It is in plain view, immediately over the foyer hall, which we see. We peered in
through an open place in the window screen and glimpsed a muslin sheet hanging limply down, ragged at its edges, lonesome and alone near the rear end of the room. With just a little labor, and even less expense, this uninviting outfit could be transformed into a really passable little theatre of the storeroom type. The "operating room" appeared to be about four feet square."

"Just what they had in the way of a projector I don't know, but it probably was a rather small coffee mill, or maybe a good-sized pencil sharpener. I believe this outfit, as a whole, is just about the very
worst I ever saw. Admission to this Temple of Pleasure, according to the legend scrawled on cardboard over the "box office" window, is 25 cents per adult."

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