Saturday, June 17, 2017

Leonard-Tendler Fight Pictures -- June 17, 2017

Film Daily, 26-July-1923

Lightweight Benny Leonard, often called the Ghetto Wizard because of his Jewish descent, is regarded as one of the greatest fighters of all time.  He won the lightweight title from Britain's Freddie Welsh in 1917 and held it until he retired after this fight, his second against Lew Tendler, on 24-July-1923.  "Shown now at the following leading theaters in New York."  At this time fight films could not be distributed to other states. 

Leonard won a unanimous decision in 15 rounds at Yankee Stadium. 

He came out retirement in 1932, fought once and lost. 

Tendler was a southpaw who was good, but never won a title.

Washington Times, 27-July-1922
Here are Leonard and Tendler before their previous fight on 27-July-1922.  I suspect the photo is a cut and paste job.  Note that Tendler is wearing gloves and Leonard is not. 

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