Monday, June 19, 2017

Mrs Castle Working in a Five Reeler -- June 19, 2017

Moving Picture World, 02-June-1917

After she finished the serial Patria, Pathé promoted star Irene Castle as a Pathé Gold Rooster Star, like "Pearl White, Baby Marie Osborne, Gladys Hulette, Mollie King, Frederick Warde and Florence La Badie. 

Moving Picture World, 02-June-1917
Her next movie would be feature about the Secret Service. 

Moving Picture World, 09-June-1917
Gold Rooster plays would not only feature big stars like Irene Castle, but also the works of great writers like AH Woods.  I have never heard of him. 

Moving Picture World, 16-June-1917
"Irene Castle is unquestionably the best known woman in America." 

Moving Picture World, 23-June-1917
"Big names draw big business!"  This ad features Irene Castle and Pearl White. 

Moving Picture World, 30-June-1917
This two-page spread boosts films with Irene Castle, Florence La Badie and Gladys Hulette. 

This article talks about Irene Castle's second picture, but doesn't seem to mention the title, which must not yet have been determined. 

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