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Buck Jones -- The Sheik of the Cow Country -- April 10, 2024

Photoplay, April, 1924

The Fox Film Corporation needed a western star to back up Tom Mix. Buck Jones made a long series of movies for Fox. I imagine they tried to change his name to Charles to allow him to move into other movie genres. This item is the first sign I have seen that Fox was giving up on the name change. I find his smile in this photo a little disconcerting. 

Motion Picture News, 05-April-1924

The Vagabond Trail, co-starring Marian Nixon, was directed by Wild Bill Wellman. 

Motion Picture News, 19-April-1924

Buck's next film, The Circus Cowboy, gave him the chance to invite children to serve as extras in the audience. "Several thousand of the youngsters are said to have responded."

Motion Picture News, 05-April-1924

As with The Vagabond Trail, The Circus Cowboy co-starred Marian Nixon, and was directed by Wild Bill Wellman.

Motion Picture News, 19-April-1924

Speaking of circuses, this item claims that Buck was a "featured rider in the Wild West Show of the Ringling Brothers' Circus -- back in 1915." He and his wife were in a wild west show in 1915, but I don't know if it was part of the Ringling Brothers' Circus.

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