Monday, April 22, 2024

Alice Comedies -- April 22, 2024

Film Daily, 16-April-1924

100 years ago this month, the first ads for the Disney Brothers' Alice Comedies started to appear.  The Alice Comedies featured a live action little girl interacting with animated animals. I like this tiger. 

Motion Picture News, 19-April-1924

Margaret Winkler was a woman who distributed films. This was a rare thing. The movies she handled were most shorts and many were animated. She distributed the Felix the Cat cartoons, which were very popular. In a speech to the Film Club of Boston, she mentioned that she had picked up "a series of combination cartoon and live character subjects known as 'Alice Comedies' which are being made for her in Hollywood by Walt Disney."

Motion Picture News, 19-April-1924

This ad calls the Alice Comedies "The Short Subject Sensation of the Year." That might have been optimistic. 

Motion Picture News, 26-April-1924

"Alice's Day at Sea" was the first Alice Comedy. Virginia Davis played Alice. "This novel idea is very unique and entertaining enough to satisfy any sort of an audience." 

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