Monday, April 10, 2023

DW Griffith -- You Are Going to Have One Exciting Night -- April 10, 2023

New Britain Herald, 24-April-1923

Fox's Theater placed many ads in the New Britain Herald pushing DW Griffith's One Exciting Night. I particularly like this one, which doesn't even include the name of the theater. It appeared in every issue that week. It took a while for movies to reach Alaska.

New Britain Herald, 24-April-1923

Other ads took this shape. This one ran across the bottom of a page.

New Britain Herald, 24-April-1923

This one ran across the top of a page.

New Britain Herald, 28-April-1923

This conventionally shaped ad ran the day before the run started. 

Alaska Daily Empire, 21-April-1923

Meanwhile people in Juneau, Alaska were watching a 1921 Griffith film, Dream Street.

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