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Charlie Chaplin -- Fresh From Craplin's Fun Factory -- Aptil 23, 2023

Washington Evening Star, 14-April-1923

Chaplin's escaped convict posed as a minister in "The Pilgrim." I wonder if the writing on the top of this ad was on purpose. 

A lobby display in New York City contrasted the convict and the minister. < br />

Brownsville Herald, 21-April-1923

The way that this ad misspells his name is unfortunate.

Brownsville Herald, 21-April-1923

Meanwhile, lots of Chaplin films were being rereleased. I assume that Tillie's Romance is a rerelease of the 1914 feature Tillie's Punctured Romance, a Mack Sennett production which starred Marie Dressler. 

Perth Amboy Evening News, 30-April-1923

This all-comedy bill included:
The Bank -- Charlie Chaplin -- Essanay -- 1915
Bumping Into Broadway -- Harold Lloyd -- Roach -- 1919
The Bakery -- Larry Semon -- Vitagraph -- 1921

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