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Tom Mix: New Title for Film -- September 12, 2022

San Francisco Examiner, 09-September-1922

I like the image of Tom Mix astride a rocket, Chasing the Moon. I used to go see movies at the Strand on Market. 

Richmond Palladium and Sun-Telegram, 09-September-1922

Here we see Tom Mix and Tony. "On the Fire," was a rereleased 1919 Harold Lloyd short comedy. Notice that the head of the ad says: "Tom Mix and Harold Lloyd."

Moving Picture World, 16-September-1922

This picture was originally titled A Kiss in the Dark, which doesn't sound much like a Tom Mix movie. Then the title changed to Blood Will Tell. I suspect that someone worried about the censors, so it was released as Do and Dare, which does sound like a Tom Mix movie. 

Moving Picture World, 02-September-1922

Do and Dare is described as "a story of Mexican revolutions." I wonder if protests from Mexico led to the released film being set in a generic Latin-American country. Eddie Sedgwick directed. 

Moving Picture World, 16-September-1922

The manager of New York's Strand Theater invited Stella Ehrlich, president of the Horse Aid Society of New York to see Just Tony. In this letter, Mrs Ehrlich expresses her appreciation for the movie. Notice that the letterhead has a picture of a horse ambulance, which cruised the streets of the city looking for animals in distress. 

Moving Picture World, 23-September-1922

The Strand Theater in Spartanburg, South Carolina, advertised Big Stakes by spelling Tom Mix's name with a lariat. 

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