Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Buck Jones -- The Most Convincing Actor on the Screen -- September 13, 2022

Moving Picture World, 16-September-1922

Buck Jones was Fox's second-string cowboy star, after Tom Mix. For some reason the Fox Film Corporation or Jones himself tried to bill him as Charles Jones. "The Most Convincing Actor on the Screen" is an unusual tag to hang on a star of westerns. Perhaps Fox was trying to broaden his scope. 

Moving Picture World, 23-September-1922

Leo Maloney starred in a series of short westerns.

Moving Picture World, 16-September-1922

Bill Fairbanks was not Doug's brother, but he may have been related. They were both born with the family name "Ullman," but that may have been a coincidence. Ben Wilson was a popular actor who also directed and produced. 

Moving Picture World, 02-September-1922

Moving Picture World, 02-September-1922

William Farnum, a big, tough guy, appeared in many westerns.

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