Friday, September 30, 2022

Edna Morton, Famous Colored Film Actress -- September 30, 2022

Dallas Express, 02-September-1922

I have mentioned before that I greatly admire John Harris, owner and manager of the Grand Central Theater in Dallas, who had a policy of showing race films. Spitfire was a Reol production. It starred Edna Morton and Lawrence Chenault.

Dallas Express, 30-September-1922

This article about "Famous Film Beauty" Edna Morton's visit to Columbus, Ohio mentions some Reol Productions that I have never heard of. 

Moving Picture World, 16-September-1922

One enterprising Texas distributor "arranged for a tie-up with the local Klan" to promote One Clear Call

Moving Picture World, 23-September-1922

This item reports the burning of "The negro picture theater at Arkadelphia," but does not say which Arkadelphia, Arkansas or Alabama. I dug around newspapers and could not find a mention of such a fire.

Moving Picture World, 30-September-1922

Meanwhile in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Olla James, a woman of color, sued the Hippodrome Theater. "She says in the suit that she was admitted to the theater but was denied full and equal enjoyment of accommodations, advantages and facilities because she is of African descent."

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