Sunday, September 18, 2022

Here's Chaplin, Better Than Ever -- September 18, 2022

Motion Picture News, 02-September-1922

I suppose people were asking why Charlie Chaplin had not put out a movie for a while. Nearly a year went by between the release of "Pay Day" and "The Pilgrim," his last movie for First National. 

New Britain Herald, 16-September-1922

Chaplin divorced his first wife, Mildred Harris, in 1920. People were speculating about the identity of the next Mrs Chaplin. Lila Lee and Peggy Hopkins Joyce were considered leading candidates. 

Seattle Star, 04-September-1922

This article says that Peggy Hopkins Joyce and Charlie Chaplin were "very good friends."  She went on to marry several rich men.

Bridgeport Times and Evening Farmer, 06-September-1922

Edna Purviance, who had been leading lady in 32 of Chaplin's films at this point, "is to have company of her own." That didn't happen. 

The Garden Island, 19-September-1922

Meanwhile, Chaplin's first self-produced feature, The Kid, was doing good business everywhere, including the island of Kauai in Hawaii.

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