Monday, June 27, 2022

Meet Jobyna Rulston -- June 27, 2022

Moving Picture World, 10-June-1922

Jobyna Raulston's career progressed rapidly from support Paul Parrot (Charley Chase's brother) in Hal Roach one-reelers to supporting Harold Lloyd in features to starring in Wings. In almost no time, the press learned how to spell her last name. 

Moving Picture World, 03-June-1922

Mack Sennett produced many short comedies starring Billy Bevan.

Moving Picture World, 10-June-1922

Mack Sennett also produced features starring Mabel Normand.

Film Daily, 11-June-1922

Mal St Claire directed many short comedies for Sennett and with Buster Keaton. 

Film Daily, 11-June-1922

Al Christie produced popular short comedies. William Beaudine was one of his directors. 

Moving Picture World, 10-June-1922

In the Teens, Joe Rock and Earle Montgomery made a lot of short comedies for Vitagraph, but few survive. Joe Rock went on to produce comedies with Stan Laurel, and later the Ton of Fun movies.

Film Daily, 07-June-1922

Sidney and Charles Franklin went on to produce or direct many feature films. 

Film Daily, 25-June-1922

Bull Montana was a big ugly Italian-American guy who had once been a professional wrestler.

Film Daily, 09-June-1922

Max Linder was the biggest star in film comedy before Charlie Chaplin.

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